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DATA Security……. The major concern of all Industries and Peoples. Free guide to secure your DATA

Friends, in every industry even it is small, medium or big there is always major concern for all to how to keep data secure while working with it internally and exchanging it externally. We are generating new data every minute while working, it will be in Emails format, documents format, Software format or physical format. The worry is to keep data safe while handling. Because the data keeps very important, confidential information in it which needs to protect from going into wrong persons hand. If that happens it will go create issues to company like any major loss of products, services, corrupt image in market and financial loss. To avoid it, we have to keep our data safe using new technologies and supports. Same applies to personal users, they also want their data to be safe while they are handling it on Internet and exchanging over any other format. Every one want to save their data information safe and secure.

Organizational Data:
We will guide you how to keep your organizational data safe over internet from hackers and unwanted access. Now a days hackers are more interested in hacking data to make money from it and they try their every possible threat to get your confidential data. Cyber Attacks  is the most common word you know. So hackers using phishing emails, suspicious links and websites makes users to load information on their server which allows them to get into the organization network to get confidential information and this is how your organization data goes on toss and creates issues to organization.
Data Security

Personal Data:
Personal users ae also data worry peoples. They want to keep their personal credit card, bank details and personal internet account details safe, because there are chances of confidential personal data will go on toss. Personal users are easy target for hackers to get the data. Users get phishing emails, websites links and does same mistake and open the door for hackers to get there personal confidential data.
Data Secure

How to keep organizational data safe?
There are so many technology available in market to make every data secure in your organization. You can get the most reliable and secure technology as per your requirement. If you want to keep data secure from outside world, you have to use a Gateway appliance Proxy, Manage using software Proxy which makes invisible of our internal IPS to external world. Which does not allows hackers to get into the network easily. Firewall appliance which allows every internet traffic filtered using firewall rules. Keep open required ports only on firewall for In-Out of data. Always keep you network security appliance updated with new patches which makes them stronger ad gives better performance. Now there are cloud based consoles available which managed by cloud technology. Make your email server with most trusted cloud or email services, which will give you all features of spam filtering, Anti-theft policies, secure email access using secure protocols. Keep databases on secured servers, with updated patch, antivirus tools and in encrypted format. So that it will be more secure. There are more Data Loss Prevention (DLP) applications available to manage data centrally. These apps makes data encrypted while going IN-Out organisation using internet. There are Rights Management Services (RMS) , Data room, Secure Data services available which needs huge investment to keep data secure. Keep secure VPN access to users from accessing data outside office. The best way is to follow ISO ISMS guidelines to secure your data Internally, Externally and Physically. Most importantly you have to make your users aware about cyber attacks to keep your data safe.

Personal Users Data Security:
Personal users have to be more careful using Internet services for their day to day activities. Personal users does not have appliances like so many company applies. Personal data is more unsecure and gives invitation to hackers to get it. For that we have to be very careful using internet services at home, cybercafé or over any devices. Please keep your computer antivirus up to date and scan your data every day. Keep your machine up to date with new updates. Take internet services from best brands which keeps secure devices to give access to internet. Also you can enable basic security settings on home router and Wi-Fi to filter data while In-Out. Keep your personal email and bank accounts passwords regularly to keep your data secure. Please follow the User Awareness link to get more details on.

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