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Happy World Social Media Day to All SM Users

Happy World Social Media Day to All Users….

Hi Friends, Happy World Social Media day to you all….. In today’s world Social Media is the fastest media for all users and every person has access to Social Media. Earlier there was only Three major needs for human beings we called Roti,Kapda Aur Makan, but now the Social Media is also added to it. Every person who has a basic smartphone, he is connected to Social Media.

Easy to use and get connect to every latest news in world. Social Media is performing major role in connecting people in different formats of Social Media like, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Whatsapp, Linked In, Tiktok, Snap Chat and many more….. etc.
Majorly Social Media is famous in young generation and they follow their favorite content, media and followers actively. Peoples likes to share their personal day to day activity, travel pics, Personal pics, notes and latest news on social media. Social media is the strongest media which spreads true or rumors news in socially in less time, because most of the users are always active in Social Media.

In lockdown period there is massive increase in social media accounts and active time spending on social media. There are around 40% users increased in Social Media users in lockdown period. Earlier the users was supposed to active on Social Media for 1 to 2 hours a day and in lockdown it got increased to 4-5 hours a day. Weekdays the timing are around 4 hours and weekend it goes upto 5-6 hours a day. You can check on below Diagram in percentage on how Social Media is actively used by peoples everywhere.

The strongest social media platform is Whatsapp, which is easy to use, available in any smartphone, can share so many things, instant chat or contact with your contacts. Whatsapp is popular amongst all and you can do your day to day work and activities using Video calls, sharing instant pics, videos and news. Also you can use your own mother tongue to use, write and speak on voice message.
But like features of Social Media there are draw backs are also their on using it, it is very easy to cyber attackers to get available all your information from Social Media. As per the records there are around 50% of users who does not follow the security protocols accessing social media. Users shares their personal traveling, day to day activities details very easily over internet which hackers used to get target the users or theft.
So there are few precautions we are sharing using Social Media and requesting you to follow:

  • Keep your personal information like phone numbers and address secured
  • Do not share OTP passwords over internet
  • Do not save your credit/debit card information on Internet
  • Always keep changing your password once in a month or if any suspicious activity happened
  • Do always keep reporting to cyber crime department on any suspicious activity happened in your account
  • Do not click on any doubtful links
  • Do not open any disbelieving emails or attachments in it

Thank you for reading. Do write your comments to discuss further…

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