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How Artificial Intelligence works and how it will be useful in day to day life of Humans…

Hi All, today we are going to discuss on Artificial Intelligence. How it works and how it’s creating value in our day to day life. Artificial Intelligence enable machines to think like human beings. In machines we create a machine chip of brain which thinks like human and act like human. In the earth there is only human brain is stronger than any live creature and it is the only complicated inside. Human brain thinks and acts what it saw and store the data for his information. Same like it AI machine works for human. Machine software developer’s usage code language to create AI machines.
We are using this technology since long back for few basic things but now it is developed so much and giving better result for humans. There are so many examples of it, like Automatic driving car, Auto Pilot, Robots etc.. Machines brain process the things which it see like human and reacts like human, which gives more ways for solution. AI helps machines to process the data in structurer manner which help to think on every possible situation. AI allows machines to use the existing and new data for its better result. Using AI, machines are giving accuracy, performance, less human interference, fast and non-stop work.  Now recently in China there is 7 star FlyZoo hotel which is 100% working on AI. Start from your entrance to hotel reception to your room and everywhere. Everywhere you will see robots which helps customers for what they want. This is how AI will be part of our future day to day life.
Artificial Intelligence
There are so many pros & cons are coming from the developers and technicians on AI. Like what if the machines think opposite humans? What if it goes in wrong hands? What if machines controlled humans? What if the jobs of the people will go on toss, when machines will give better performance than people? There are so many thigs will rise like issues. But on other hand there are so many benefits are also needs to count. AI, gives machine to process the work, simplifies the things around, gives batter non-stop performance. Also if the machines production increases the employment will also increase for people.
Like in this Covid-19 situation, machines will work more hours than human, with less risk on infection spread. Even few hospitals in China & Japan already started AI Hospitals to do the basic nursing of patients. Which help to decrease the Covid-19 cases.
As per current situations we have no doubts on AI will be 100% in use till 2040 in every part of industry and day to day human life. AI is going very vast to explain, but we explained you here in very simple way.

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