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How your work life will go in Pandemic? How it will change in near future???

How your work life will go in Pandemic? How it will change in near future????

Hi All, we are going from a massive change in our day to day work life in this pandemic. The things changed suddenly in last six months. The major countries, their capitals and major industries goes 100% lockdown. The thing from which they are able to survive is acceptance of technology and used it as per requirement. Will see how your work life will change in this current pandemic and future situations.

In this Pandemic we all saw how we can work from anywhere, using technology features. All the industries IT expert involved VPN, VDI, RDP and Virtual solutions etc. solutions to keep their employees work continue without interruption. There are so many things applied within a days’ time to keep the activity on. Employees in every organization accepted the technical changes and worked with it and started concept of Work From Home. WFH is best concept for all in industries, excepting manufacturing plants, their staff can use WFH, but manufacturer staff have to attend the plant for continuous production of products. WFH concept changed every once work life completely, employees are trying to give their 100% output to the company. They want to increase their productivity using technology.

Since lockdown started in March 2020, Government just started since mid June 2020 for Unlock 1 process. In which they are allowing corporate offices to keep 10-15% staff attendance for employees which want are fully fit and can travel to office. Now every management is working on how they can pull their maximum numbers of employees to be available for work. They are taking survey from employees on attending office, according to survey only 30-35% staff is interested to attend the office and rest have issues like travel, infection and precautions. So many are clear about, once the vaccine is available only then they can go to office. As per the news the vaccine will take considerately 15 months’ time from now to completely available for use.

As per the current count, we cant say that the offices will ask employees to attend office 100%, nor suggested by Government for private corporate office. The thing is till mid-December maximum will reach to 50% staff can attend the office and rest should work from home. To reach 100% staff attendance in office we have to wait for a years’ time, and this is how our work life will get affect to us. Companies are planning to take small offices near staff locations, so that employees can join the office without much travel. They will setup the maximum IT setup at small smart offices to work. Companies are considering so many things on employees care and security to work safely. Getting so many options of safe travel and keeping social distance at work place.

So, this is how we are going to work for next few months where we have to give our 100% attendance to our company in WFH or attending office. We always have to remember our productivity towards work counts everyday by management. All these makes our work life more effective and balanced, and this is how the work life is going to change in future…

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