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Increase in Cyber Attacks since 48 Hours… Alerts for All Industries

According to report, there is a massive Cyber Attacks happening in India since last 48 Hours. All Internet users are need to be alert accessing browsers, their office and personal email access. As per last update there are over 40000 plus attacks targeted in India since last 48 hours.

Attackers mostly targeted Banking, Finance & Information Technologies industries, but it is an alert for every industry in India. Since Lockdown the Attackers are very much active and released 40% more Cyber attacks. The motive is simple and clear to earn money or cut the reputation of a organization/company. The attacker’s servers are located in China, which makes a different view in every Indians mind.

Hackers are mainly sending phishing emails using Covid19 subject and using ids which makes receivers to open the phishing links and attachments and hackers are able to get in to the system. The emails are drafted very carefully so that the receiver thinks it is now a spam email. Kindly refer our Article of Cyber Attacks & User Awareness in where we mention all types of attacks & user Awareness. Also users needs to be aware while using their personal devices like Ipad, Iphone, BB, Windows & Android devices, because the phishing email can come on your device too, which you have to be careful while using devices. Please apply as much as security to your office, home and personal network to be secure on these kind of attacks.

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Indian government teams are closely working with third party solution providers on how to minimize phishing attacks near feature. As per current condition the only way to avoid such issue is User Awareness, as much as users aware of the attacks the risk will automatically minimize. As per Maharashtra Cyber officials, the hackers might have database of some 20 lakh Indian email IDs.

In Addition, the Hacking learning is also increased since a year, there are around 600000 lakh hacker’s working day to day to create new type of attacks to access the information easily. According to report the attacks are increased by 400% since lockdown. Attackers are trying each and every possible method the breach the data. India reached to spot number 2 on the list on most earning country for hackers.

So on all this is a big alert to all industries in India to stay safe on Cyber Attacks….

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