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IndiaBulls faced Cyber Attack, Report says no Customers data leaked

Indiabulls is a known brand in India as well as overseas market. It works in maximum Real Estate, Finance institutes and many more. Why hackers attacked Indiabulls and how they stole the data?
On Monday morning the a page from a legal documents shared on darkweb and asked Indiabulls  team to contact immediately within 24 hours to not to expose more data compromise.

The data heat by Clove Ransomware which encrypt all data in computers and we cant decrypt it without hackers help. Once they paid for their charges in BitCoin, they give us decrypt code and then will able to see the data.
According to blog, the attack heat by phishing email to Indiabulls Finance and banking system. The attackers got the link to put Clove Ransomware code in their systems and that’s how they are able to get into the network and accessed data.
As per the news update, the speaker said they got an alert from their systems of attack. As per the precautions followed by the team, there is no data lost. They said they are able to retrieve the affected systems and able to restore the data and systems are running safely now. Even they are saying there is no chance to compromise on data security as they are using a highest level of data securities and systems over cloud.
Ransomware is a most unresolvable pain for now a days for all industries. According to national report, ransomware attacks are increased 80% in last years’ time period. The only security and procedure we have to follow is user awareness and guide them on phishing emails and unwanted link to avoid to click or revert.
Most probably users are the main reason of attackers to target easily sending phishing emails or sites link. So the IT team has to take user awareness session regularly and sent them updated IT news via email to avoid such conditions.

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