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Microsoft Windows 10 Home or Professional

Friends, Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 is one of the best Operating system of Microsoft. Microsoft Windows 10 released for public in July 2015 and in short period it got famous in World. Windows 10 OS is designed for all types of users. Mainly there are two editions of this OS which we know, One is Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition & another is Microsoft Windows 10 Professional with 32 & 64 bit versions. But there are also few more editions of MS Windows 10 i.e. MS Windows 10 Pro Education, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, MS Windows 10 Enterprise. Microsoft’s OS are always knows as user friendly OS compare to all OS and that’s the major advantage where the Microsoft Windows 10 is best OS in the world now.

Difference between Windows 10 Home & Windows 10 Professional:
Windows 10 Home Edition :
Windows 10 Home is specifically made of Home users like Students, Personal Users, Visual Games lovers and basic computer users. Which has few limitation of features compare to Windows 10 Professional. Windows Home edition explain simply as per its name. Best for Home users which gives you easy to operate and gives best visual experience. HD wallpapers, smooth fonts, shadow folders, Live screen savers, most of the software’s support, touch features to operate and many more. The only feature of adding your computer to domain network is disable in Home edition. You have to work in Workgroup environment with home edition, can’t use it for office or as workstation domain network. Due to it, it makes cost difference also, Windows 10 Home is little less in cost compare to all editions. Windows 10 Home 32 Bit Supports maximum 4 Gb of RAM and maximum HDD support. Windows 10 Home 64 bit support maximum 64 bit RAM and unlimited HDD support.

Windows 10 Professional Edition:
Windows 10 Pro is specially made for Office, Personal Office users, Workstations and Domain users. Win 10 Pro is the best-selling OS in Market. It also has an User friendly interface which allows office users to do their day to day activity with so many tabs and applications easily. Windows 10 Pro edition gives best visual experience to users, all like Windows 10 home. It supports all software’s which are important to every Industry or organization workers. Like AutoCAD, Web designing & developing, Software developing, Animation software’s, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Crystal, SAP apps and more. Windows 10 pro is very popular in all formats. Windows 10 Pro major feature is we can add the computer to Domain network and from Domain network, using Active Directory policies computers and users account can be managed. Costing wise the OS is little costly compare to Windows 10 Home, but the features and usage makes the money worth. We always recommend Windows 10 Pro edition for Offices, Firms & Organizations to take the legal copy with computers or purchase Volume License Keys for Win 10 Pro.
Please note always take 64 Bit version if you are planning to buy more than 4 GB RAM for laptop or desktop, which will help you to utilize the complete RAM. Also touch experience makes the OS more beautiful for use.  

Few Basic Features of Windows 10 OS:

  • User friendly interface
  • Almost support all software’s
  • Install computer basic Drivers like VGA display, LAN ,WIFI on installation
  • Easy to install supporting devices
  • Best visual display interface
  • Recent updates makes more comfortable and fast to use
  • Windows Start button make users life easy to access app
  • In Previous version feature, users can backed up their data in versions which is easy to recovery in lost of data or want to go last version of the documents
  • Fast and easy to install, makes computer speed fast to use
  • Boots very fast at start up

Disadvantages of Windows 10 OS :

  • Easy to hack for Hackers
  • If more or regular direct shutdown happens, easily gets corrupted
  • If any softwaredoes not matches with OS, gives Blue Scree error
  • System updates takes more time to upgrade

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