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Most Cyber-Attacks happening to Banking and Financial Institutes in this Covid 2020 period: RBI Reported

In latest update from CERT India, most of the Cyber Attacks are targeted to Banking and Financial Institutes in this Covid-19 lockdown period. Cyber Attackers are regularly targeting these systems to get more confidential information to share it on hackers market for money making purpose.

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) in India regularly giving awareness and information to Banking & Finance IT teams to be ready and take precautionary actions to avoid cyber-attacks. RBI clearly given an update report saying Indian Banking & Finance industries are on top list of cyber attackers to get more information on important transaction. They asked all teams to follow the CERT guidelines to avoid risk.

As we know since Covid situation Lockdown started and most of the Banking & Finance staff is working from home to keep the transactions run smoothly without issues to customers. In working from home these users are sometimes gets easy target to attackers to get inside to banking systems. Employee at home has less security protocol to follow accessing the banking systems and data, so it is an easy target for cyber attackers.

RBI always share few mandatory requirements with all banking & Finance systems to make more secure flow of data. Most of the security protocols needs to follow by them. New guidelines on system improvement and applying new policies are given to all firms time to time by RBI. Also government Cyber Crime Security teams are working closely with banking IT teams to make sure all security majors are in place. In all these situations User Awareness is very important for all work from home users to minimize the cyber-attacks. Cyber Security teams are playing major role in all these conditions to make sure no data will go on toss and applying new technology and security models to close the easy access doors to attackers.

As we said the Cyber Attackers are producing new threats on daily basis to get breach the data security and get the data. The threats are now going to target work from home users to archive their goal. So now there is a warning bell for all Banking & Finance, Non-Banking Institutes to start secure as much as their data to avoid the risk.

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