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Remove these 17 apps immediately from your phone or you will lost your bank account details with hackers

Remove these 17 apps immediately from your phone or you will lost your bank account details with hackers

Kindly remove these 17 unwanted apps from your android or apple mobile phone, iPad and tabs before you lost your bank account details with hackers. These 17 apps and adware’s get installed in your phone while you are browsing over devices and clicks on an unwanted link or advertise. You have to immediately remove if you saw any of these apps in your devices. These apps are working in background in your phone and pulls bank information and stoles money from your bank account without knowing you. Indias leading Cyber Security, Data Leak Protection software developer firm SOPHOS team prepared an list of these apps and shared.


According to SOPHOS list of all these apps are Fleeceware applications. As per the list all these apps are already overlapped Googles rules and policy, which goes against them. Fleeceware applications are basically an malware apps, in which they hide the actual costing of subscription. Once app installed in device and we allowed it to access device permission, it allows apps to install so many background apps in device, for which there are different subscription charges. It automatically gets cut from your back account. Most of the times users don’t know how to remove the apps from device, or even after removing the apps it gets installed in device some other apps folder from where it does not get uninstalled. Then only device factory reset option left to resolve it.

Fleeceware application are harmful for device as it runs in background with many apps supporting. Fleeceware helps hackers to get the cards details very easily to process payments from your account. Fleeceware apps are basically a fraud apps in which you automatically gets connected scam like bank account hacking. You will get an spam subscription link and free trial period for these apps, but you will not get more information about when the trial period will finish or when to renew the subscription or how much you have to pay for the subscription. Even you will accept the non-readable terms and conditions which as usual you do. Once you sign-up with these apps, these apps will automatically subscribes too many other apps without your permission. Due to so many users get subscribed for so many unwanted apps and money gets stole from your account. To avoid it, we are requesting to remove the below mentioned apps immediately from your device.

Remove or Delete below apps :


Thank you for reading, if you want more help on removing these apps, let us know in comments section, we will help you.

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