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The Giant Company Mozilla Firefox put down 250 Employees and closed the Taiwan workplace…

Dear readers, due to current pandemic situation the world’s giant browser developing company Mozilla Firefox shuts down their Taiwan workplace and put down 250 employees. Mozilla Firefox CEO said “This is a time of change for the internet and for Mozilla. Today, we announced a significant restructuring of Mozilla Corporation. This will strengthen our ability to build and invest in products and services that will give people alternatives to conventional Big Tech,” he added “those losing their jobs will get compensation pay”. But the actual reason of this decision, we all know.

Mozilla Firefox is an reputed and popular in making secure and fast Browser for windows, Macbook and every OS. Users of Firefox browsers are always happy with it. Firefox browser performs browsing secure and fast, also it utilize less processor and RAM while working on multiple tabs. So many other features are also make Firefox favorites from other browsers. Easy to import-export bookmarks and backup from other browsers. Once you started using Firefox, you will always give priority to it while browsing on any computer. Mozilla Firefox team always works on security and release important patches very recent to make browser more secure while browsing. Even Mozilla firefox launched Secure VPN for small companies to connect using secure VPN @ $10 per user connection, which is also a good running product in market.

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In recent past you heard so many of job loss news like this, pandemic situation is really drilling worlds every industry financially. Due to it lot of peoples lost their job suddenly. Everyone is saying this year 2020 is surviving year and because of this every industry looking for every possible solution to survive financially. So many projects are laying on table, not going ahead from Management. Every monthly expenses which is required to run offices are on priority and rest which can be hold are on hold. Management teams are closely keeping their eyes on how company can live on and complete client’s requirements, so that there will no more job loss need to do. But If companies like Mozilla Firefox is making these kind of decisions then how others will do?

Lets hope this pandemic situation will shut very soon and we all will be on track with all new energy. This current pandemic situation we have to keep learn and develop our self to survive for better feature.

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