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The latest Virus “CLOP”, all you need to know and be alert

In this blog we are going to inform you on latest Virus “CLOP”. It is spreading in every industry very fast, attacking important data. “CLOP” majorly targeting Windows OS machines as Windows users mostly use pirated software’s and do not update the required patches for pirated applications. The virus scans information for pirated application in machines and uploads specious content in computer to steal the data. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) alerted every business sector and organizations to apply required precautions to avoid such attacks.
Cyber attacks

If “CLOP” hits you network it stole your important and confidential information to make a deal and if deal fails, the attackers upload your data on dark web for sale. Recently the attackers hacked many organizations important information to get money from them. So many organizations loosed their important information’s like data backups, accounting and IMP emails. Stolen information was leaked on their “CL0P^_- LEAKS” data leak site, hosted on the dark web.

“CLOP” ransomware uses Rivest-Shamir-Adelman encryption algorithm and generates keys which stores on server and CLOP attackers get all control to main computer. The “CLOP”s latest version is developed with new attack like after it enters in computer its automatically disable Microsoft Essential and Windows defender antivirus to get all controls easily. This Ransomware has skill to change all your passwords and add more Tojans to your computer.

According to source the virus is circulated in Trojans, spam emails, fake updates and patches unofficial websites and pirated software’s. As per recent update it used Citrix Netscaler VPN gateway to get in to the network. Regrettably to say, there is no tool till now to solve the attack. That is why we have to be very careful.

On the other part, if you are saying MAC-OS user are safe from these kind of attacks then you are wrong, because ThiefQuest ransomware attacking MAC users and after attack al thefiles get lock infect with virus. This Ransomware not only lock the files but also generate encrypted keys, Installs Key-loggers, remote shell in MAC OS, to stole the data and take control of the machines.
attack precatuions

Precautions :

  1. Remove if you are using any pirated software/application in computer
  2. Update Antivirus software and scan for virus
  3. Phishing emails : not to open any unknown senders email links or attachment. Apply for office emails and personal emails.
  4. While browsing on Internet be careful accessing any advertising pop-up or installing software.

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