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Want to install Wi-Fi at Office or home. How to cover dead zones? Follow our article….

Want to install Wi-Fi at Office or home. How to cover dead zones? Follow our article….

Hi Friends, today we are going to discuss on what you have to consider before installing    Wi-Fi at office or Home. In today’s Pandemic condition everyone is working from home and converted a space in home to office desk. The major requirement of working from home is Internet connection with better speed. For that suddenly Internet service providers demand increased and peoples started taking Wi-Fi at home. Now education is also playing role for parents, students and teachers to learn and educate over internet.
Also when the offices will start as per the capacity, we can’t seat next to each other, we have to maintain a social distance while working in office. Which might make users to seat in every area of office and which requires a better internet connectivity. For that laying new Ethernet cable and points in office is not a physible solution. In that situation we have to give users a Wi-Fi connection with better speed. So here we are going to help you what need to study before going ahead with Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi for Office users:
Before taking Wi-Fi for office we have to consider few points which will help us to choose right product in right cost as per our requirement.

  • Firstly for how many users we want the Wi-Fi to use.
  • Office area which we want to cover over Wi-Fi.
  • Consider to cover every meeting/conference room with 100% signal strength.
  • Find out Dead zones in office.
  • Fix the location for every Wi-Fi Device
  • High speed internet lease line or broadband connection as per number of users
  • There are Wi-Fi devices which specifically used for office use, consider that products only for office use.
  • Use Wi-Fi Access points which support multiple SSID. In which you can set SSID for Office Laptops, Employees Devices and Guest laptops and devices.
  • Using multiple SSID for internal employee and Guest secure your internal network from possible threat.
  • These devices are little costly but gives 100% performance for office use.
    Few devices links we shared at the end of this page FYI and buy.
  • HomeWifi

Wi-Fi for Home Users:
Before taking Wi-Fi devices for your home, you have to consider below points which will help you to choose right product as per your requirement.

  • House area which you want to cover Wi-Fi
  • Find out Dead Zones in House
  • Fix a location for Wi-Fi devices
  • Choose a High Speed stable internet provider
  • For home use the best options are recently launched with Mesh Networking support which works best for home use.
  • In Mesh networking Wi-Fi devices works with single admin Wi-Fi device which manage all other Wi-Fi access points and covers all house area with good internet speed.
  • Do not worry if you do not have LAN cable pulled in any location in house, Mesh Wi-Fi devices comes with bundle of 3 devices which requires only power connection and work as extender also to give better internet speed in every area.
  • We can apply security to admin Wi-Fi which syncs the same security between the devices to make secure internet access.

Here we have provided all information on your requirement which will help you to decide what you have to buy for your requirement. To help you more you can go throughout below mentioned products to choose a product for you. We are happy to help you more on or write comments in comment section.
Thank you for reading the article.

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