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Which is the best IT Infrastructure Solution for your Business? Cloud or Physical Infrastructure

Hi All today will guide you which IT Infrastructure solution is best for your business or organization. So to continue with it, firstly you have to understand the difference, Features, drawbacks & your requirement to get proper solution designed for you. Technology wise there are so many options available in market, which needs a proper guidance and road map to maintain the IT Infrastructure. Lets go ahead…

Differences between Cloud & Physical IT Infra:
Cloud Infra : All your servers and IT Infra will be with cloud solution providers, in which you do not have to maintain any physical location in office maintaining Server Room, AC’s, 24*7 Power connection all your there maintaining things will go on cloud based infrastructure, which will be available in a secure Remote location. Like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and ETC…. They maintain a huge TeraBytes size capacity data centre’s with High Availability of data in secure manner and also high speed Internet connectivity. Which allows data to available securely over internet. It is completely maintained by service providers, will only get Admin logins and a RDP/GUI/CMD Interface to maintain our data. There are so many options in you can secure your data as much as you want.

Physical Infra : In Physical Servers maintaining Server with your own IT Team. You have to maintain a Server Room, physical high capacity Servers, Server Racks, AC’s, 24*7 Power supply, better Internet connectivity, Network devices and IT Team. We have to plan to buy Physical servers configuration with maximum life on 5 years and accordingly design the Infra. Here only IT Teams have an access and they can only maintain the Servers on their own, also have to keep IT persons availability to maintain it regularly.

Features Of Cloud Infra

  • It is a pay per use model, whatever will use as per our requirement we have to pay for that only. But it also includes your bandwidth upload/download access charges also.
  • All your physical maintenance like maintaining Server room, AC’s, Power Supply, UPS, Backup machines all can maintain in cloud.
  • No need of big IT Team, single person can maintain cloud console from anywhere
  • OS & Software patches are maintained by cloud service provider
  • IT person can monitor, pull reports from a single console.
  • Security of data on remote locations with encryption
  • We can add as much as securities to our data
  • Anytime we can increase or decrease in Server configuration and it will apply in few minutes.
  • No need to maintain physical hardware and warranty.
  • Have to coordinate with single point of support SLA
  • 99.9% Uptime of cloud, as it runs in HA mode. No issues even sudden Work from Home situation rises, users can access data over cloud anywhere they get internet connection.

Features Physical IT Infra:

  • One time cost, only AMC cost will be recurring
  • Data security, as it is maintained within the organization
  • Easily accessible, easy to maintain
  • 100% uptime, can configure HA & backup mode.
  • Can monitor easily & pull reports
  • Can update patches and software’s
  • All things are maintained by your own IT team, which is reliable and trusted
  • Asset comes in company authority Asset list
  • If internet goes, you can still access office data and resources over internal network.

Drawbacks Cloud IT Infra:

  • Recurring and investment cost is very high
  • Data security is an accepted risk, we do not know where on earth our data copies are stored for HA
  • High Internet connectivity with 100% uptime required
  • If Internet goes down, no connectivity to cloud servers
  • 0 Assets in name of company, even we discontinue the services after few years no assets are registered with company or organization.

Drawbacks Physical IT Infra:

  • AMC needs to renew yearly
  • Keep an IT Team to maintain Server rooms
  • If any natural climates or fire happens in office premises or area, less chances to save server room and have to maintain a backup plan.
  • Monthly cost in Power supply, UPS AMC,IT teams payments and maintaining server room.
  • Required physical security to apply to access Server room like Door access & CCTV.

Now if you are thinking to get a best solution for you, checkout below points with you current requirement and you will 100% best, cost effective solution for your organization:

  • Calculate your current data which you have
  • Calculate what will be your next server configuration will be for next 5 years
  • Calculate what are you planning to get any additional or new software’s for your need in next 3 years.
  • Need an IT Road Map for next 3 years to be prepared
  • Be keen on your purpose to use or buy new server space or physical servers
  • Always keep 2-3 vendors options to compare/discuss the solution and requirement.
  • For every organization investing cost to any solution is a pain, so you have to give your management cost effective and best solution  which they can agree to invest.
  • As per our suggestions Cloud cost is not affordable for organization running less than 100-200 employees. Cloud solution is affordable to huge organisation. We are not saying here that it is not for small organization, even they want to go with cloud solutions they have choice to go with it.

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