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Why VDI is the best solution to Work From Home

Why VDI is a best solution to work from home users?
Sudden Pandemic Covid-19 situation learn all industries to allow their employees to work from home. But in it their are so many things and challenges in which the management started working with their IT Teams. i.e. What solution we need to go? What is our current strength of IT Infra? What about data security when users are working for home? And What will be cost effective solution for it?
For all the questions the answer is best VDI solution.

Because ……
Virtual Desktop Interface works in secure way using any mode of devices, like Desktop, Ipad, laptops, mobile devices. It just required a Secure VPN tunnel between your device and your office network, which will be on cloud or on premises. We can put as much as security accessing office resources like Shared Drives, Web-portals, Printers, Emails without issue. The only thing is required at user end is a good machine and minimum 5MB internet speed.
If you have an Active directory environment, you can share the same Desktop in your office over VDI.

The best feature of VDI is users are working on a Virtual Desktop and accessing all data in a Virtual machine, that means the users cant get the data on a machine which they are using to access VDI, nothing stores in there computer, all data accessed and saved in Virtual machine.

VDI Solutions gives you all kind of features, Easy access to office resources, data security. There are so many VDI solutions available in market but i suggest to go as per your requirements and invest in it. Yes it is a higher side investment but if you are able to calculate employees login-logout detailed report using it then it always give boost to your business.

1. Most importantly data security
2. Users can access as much as office resources using VDI
3. Gets same Desktop view as using in office
4. Can generate users login-logout reports
6. Single admin centralized console
7. users can access it from any devises
8. Can be accessible anywhere with Internet connectivity
9. No data will copied or shared on users computer
10. Easy to use

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